Wristband Printing

We have satin wristband, silicone wristband, tyvek wristbands that are put around the wrist. We use sublimation printing on satin wristband its help to print multicolor print and screen printing on tyvek and silicone wristband its only one color print available. These wristbands are more likely to identify you in a variety of settings, such as Exhibition, events, office, trips, festivals, schools and universities. Not only that, but in today's environment, this bracelet has become stylish. Wearing this on their hands is considered cool among teenagers.

At this Wristband, our company offers printing in a range of colors. In that wristbands, we manufacture it in your choice colors. We print the sentences or your names that you specify. This wristbands may also be used to promote your business. Qasar al murjan gift and promotional printing company offer this wristbands as a wholesaler.


We manufactures only high-quality items. It look premium and used for extended periods of time. That is guaranteed by our organization.


Our organization is always top place for any printing services. In addition, we make design for you. We print in the colors and designs you choose.


Everything we sell at our organization is sold on a wholesale basis. also this is the cheapest pricing in the UAE.


Tyvek Wristband printing

One type of wristband is the Tyvek Wristband printing, which is constructed of paper. This tyvek wristband may be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly. These wristbands is mostly useful to special event. This wristband comes in a range of colors. Wristband is a one-time product made by our organization, despite its high quality. We make entirely personalized tyvek wristbands. This tyvek wristbands printing is only available in single color print. We print the logos and wording you choose. Our company sells these tyvek wristbands printing on a wholesale basis.

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Satin Wristband printing

Satin wristbands are used to project your image. This wristbands also aids in group identification for a variety of presentations. The satin wristbands is a one-time-use item. This band is used in a number of settings, such as school, events, and exhibits. We have been distributing these wrist bands on a wholesale basis through our organisation. We make wristbands in a variety of styles. In these wristband we can do single and multi color print. We can also print the logo and content you need on those wristbands in a stylish way.

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Silicone Wristband

Silicone wristbands are made of silicone. Silicone is used in today's customisable wristbands. Silicone wristbands printing are wear by both boys and girls, as well as children and the elderly. We have ready made wristband in variety of color. we will print on it and single color print only possible. We can also print the logos and phrases you want on this Silicon Wristband. This Silicon Wristband is ideal for advertising your company's brand. Our silicone wristbands printing are both fashionable and high-quality. This silicone wristband printing is available in bulk quantities.

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Vinyl Wristband Printing

Qasar al murjan gift and promotional printing company specializes in the printing on wristbands. This vinyl wristbands is manufactured by our organization in a variety of designs and colors. This vinyl wristbands is soft and comfy to wear on your hands. Wristbands made of vinyl wristband for men, women, children, and adults alike. Our gift and promotional company manufactures only high-quality vinyl wristbands. On these wristbands, we also provide printing services. We have these wristband in a wide variety of colours. We also generate the designs you demand.

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