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Qasar al murjan gift and promotional printing company makes us the greatest sublimation printing company. We provide these printing services in a variety of styles. We print sublimation printing on flags, t-shirts, mugs, scarves, lanyards, fabric, advertising materials, and fashion businesses, among other things. We use cutting-edge technology for sublimation printing.

This printing is done by our firm as a common and low-cost service. This is useful for lengthy days. This printing will not fade no matter how many times you wash it and will last for several days. These days, sublimation printing is highly popular and everyone's favorite. This sublimation printing is done on a large scale by us.


We manufactures only high-quality items. It look premium and used for extended periods of time. That is guaranteed by our organization.


Our organization is always top place for any printing services. In addition, we make design for you. We print in the colors and designs you choose.


Everything we sell at our organization is sold on a wholesale basis. also this is the cheapest pricing in the UAE.

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