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For many years, qasar al murjan gift and promotional printing company has been a leading manufacturer and printing of Abayas cover. In this Abaya cover printing, we employ a range of colors. We create designs based on your specifications.

We will print your company logo, name, slogan, photographs, and other information on Abaya cover. This Abaya cover printing really aids in the promotion of your business. All Abaya cover produced by our firm are of high quality and reasonably priced.

Our printing will serve you well for a long time. You may also give these Abayas as gift item to your loved ones. Gift and promotional printing company are offering wholesale price.


We manufactures only high-quality items. It look premium and used for extended periods of time. That is guaranteed by our organization.


Our organization is always top place for any printing services. In addition, we make design for you. We print in the colors and designs you choose.


Everything we sell at our organization is sold on a wholesale basis. also this is the cheapest pricing in the UAE.


Easy to carry

These abaya covers are lightweight and portable. We provide printing in this section. Materials are available in a range of colors and textures. This is all regular procedure. We have best quality non-wooven abaya cover and also high-quality zippers and hangers. Name cards are also included.

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