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Lanyard are excellent for securing small things. It may also be used to store your ID card. We have satin and polyester lanyard printing. These lanyards are printed by us. We print on both sides, single and double. We create the designs you request. Lanyard printing with your company logo, slogan, and anything else you like are printed by us.

We also have lot of accessories to attach with the lanyards. These lanyard with printing can help you promote your business greatly. All of the lanyards we create are of high quality and reasonably priced. Our gift and promotional printing company sell these lanyard printing on a wholesale basic. basis.


We manufactures only high-quality items. It look premium and used for extended periods of time. That is guaranteed by our organization.


Our organization is always top place for any printing services. In addition, we make design for you. We print in the colors and designs you choose.


Everything we sell at our organization is sold on a wholesale basis. also this is the cheapest pricing in the UAE.


Satin Lanyard

This satin lanyard material has a silky smooth ribbed appearance, and if you want to personalise it, you can expect a shiny finish on your logo. For truly brilliant colours that help you stand out from the crowd, we propose spot-color printing. This satin lanyard printing is made using sublimation printing. You can have any graphics you want printed in the colors and sizes you need. We manufacture lanyards in three widths: 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm and height: 90 cm. We also attach more than three accessories in one lanyard.

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Polyester Lanyard

To fully make these polyester lanyard printing, We apply silk screen printing technology. On these polyester lanyard printing, we print your corporate logo, as well as your choice images and text. Polyester embroidery is also handled by our organization. These lanyards may also be utilized to advertise the branding of your organization. It's simple to use and visually appealing. We have a 2 cm lanyard for this project. We'll prepare everything for you. This Lanyard printing is available for wholesale purchase through our company.

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Lanyard Roll

Our gift and promotional printing company has been printing on Lanyard Roll for many years and is a market leader in this field. We are printing on these Lanyard Roll using the most recent printing technique. This Lanyard Roll may be used as a decorative item for a variety of situations. As a result, we print in a variety of colors.On these Lanyard Roll, we print everything you need. This Lanyard Roll is utilized when there is an event at any location, such as school, college, business, or home.We are printing to your specifications. Everything we print will last for several days. Even if you wash it numerous times, the printing will not fade. We will print your company logo, names, photos, slogans, text, and so on in your preferred designs. This Lanyard Roll printing is quite beneficial to your company's advertising. We are selling this Lanyard Roll Printing at a wholesale.

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Lanyard Accessoies

1. Metal hook.

2. Oval hook.

3. Crocodile hook.

4. Safety breakaway.

5. Safety buckle.

6. Mobile strap.

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Select a Lanyard printing that Is Both Functional and Fashionable

When selecting a personalised printing on lanyard, the first decision you must make is how many you want. Bulk orders, like most products, usually result in a significant price reduction. Bulk orders, on the other hand, carry the risk of spending money on a product that doesn't meet your needs. So, before you go out and get a million lanyards, consider what you can customise. You must first decide on a style. Decide how you want any graphics or messaging on the lanyard to be printed. The most common method is silk-screen printing, which allows you to print in up to two colours. If you really want an intricate piece of artwork on your lanyard, the dye-sublimation method will give you more depth and colour options. You can also go with woven-in, which involves the design being knitted together with fine detail.

After that, you can select your lanyard's width, colour, and even end fitting style. Most of our clients who have to wear their lanyard all day find that a broader lanyard printing is more comfortable. The hue is thus purely a matter of taste and aesthetics. Most consumers, on the other hand, include it into their brand's design and logo. Then it's up to you to decide whether a bulldog clip, hook, or metal split ring is the best option. If safety is a priority, though, you might want to explore a breakaway alternative. These are ideal for schools, hospitals, and even many industrial professions where your lanyard could be hooked and yanked. Finally, let us discuss something that is frequently forgotten.

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