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Qasar Gifts and promotional items company Abudhabi company is UAE number one & middle east largest corporate gift items & promotional products suppliers wholesale and retails base. We are having in house business gift & promotional items branding and printing facilities where you get best price, superior quality and quick delivery too. Our decades of great experience in the field of corporate give away and promotional items better choice for your next business promotion, event, exhibition or any other products launching event too.

Qasar Gifts and promotional items services factory outlets are available in dubai, Sharjah, abudhabi, Ajman, UQ, RAK, Al Ain and middle east too. We provide complete range of corporate gift items with low price, high quality and logo printing and also, we are the one-stop shop where you can find the right corporate gifts and promotional giveaways under one roof in UAE. We guaranteed customer satisfaction in every step and full fill our client demands in order to get it done all of your promotional items within your budget.

Qasar Gifts & promotional company in Sharjah is a premium corporate gifts supplier in the region with 3000 + give away stocks ready and provide with printing and within day delivery.


We manufactures only high-quality gift items. It look premium and used for extended periods of time. That is guaranteed by our organization.


Our organization is always top place for gift and promotional printing services. we make design for you. We print in the designs you choose.


Everything we sell at our organization is sold on a wholesale basis. also this is the cheapest pricing in the UAE.


Satin Wristband

The satin wristbands is one of the gift items. This band is used in a number of places, such as school, events, and exhibits. We can also print the logo and content you need on those wristbands

Tyvek Wristband

Tyvek Wristband is made of high quality paper materials. This tyvek bracelet may be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly. This bracelet comes in a range of colors. We print the logos and wording you choose.

Silicone Wristband

Our company sells these silicone wristbands in a single color. We can also print the logos and phrases you want on this Silicon Wristband. This Silicon Wristband is ideal for advertising your company's brand.

Vinyl Wristband

This vinyl wristbands is manufactured by our organization in a variety of designs and colors. This vinyl wristbands is soft and comfy to wear on your hands.We have wide variety of colours. We also provide printing services.

Leather Gift Box

The leather gift box will serve you well for a long time. This gift box may be used to present gifts to loved. We can make it in any of your desired designs. We print your preferred image and statement on the present box.

Metal Gift Box

Our company has specialized in the manufacture of metal gift boxes. It will be extremely long-lasting and of the highest quality. We can create it in whatever style you like. On the present box, we will print your choice photos and message.


Wooden Gift Box

Our organization has been involved in the creation of wooden gift boxes for many years. Box is made of high quality wood, this box is fairly sturdy and may be used for long periods of time.We create designs based on your specifications.

Pu-leather Gift Box

This gift box might be used to send gifts to family and friends on a number of occasions. We create quality box and designs based on your specifications.We will also print your company logos and names on this gift box to promote your brand.

Velvet Gift Box

Our company specializes in the creation of velvet gift boxes. The velvet gift box will be used for a long time.This velvet gift box is available in a variety of styles. We can make it in whatever design you like. On the box, we print your photo and message.

Acrylic Gift Box

Glassy acrylic gift boxes are one of our specialties. The presentation box is of high quality because it is made of glass. Using cutting-edge technology, our company creates acrylic gift boxes. In addition, we provide printing services.

Epoxy Metal Badge

Our organization manufactures epoxy badges.we also print. These epoxy badges are an excellent method to promote your business. We produce epoxy badges in a variety of sizes. We create epoxy badges in the design, color, and size you want.

Epoxy Name Badge

These epoxy Name badges will assist you in circumstances such as school, college and office. We also print. We produce epoxy badges in a variety of sizes, from little to huge. This epoxy badge is available in bulk quantities from us.


Button Badge

We make the button badge in the design, color, and size you want. We print your company logo and slogan on button badges. These button badges are an excellent way to promote your business. We sell these button badges on a wholesale basis.

Metal Badge

We manufacture these Metal badges in a variety of sizes, from little to massive. We make the badge in the design, color, and size you want. On metal badges, we print anything you want, including your company logo and slogan.

Transparent Card

All of the Transparent cards that we produce are of the highest quality. These Transparent Cards are ideal for using as business cards. On these Transparent Cards, we print your company's logo and branding on a variety of things.

Glossy PVC card

We create glossy greeting cards. All of the glossy cards we produce are of the highest quality. We will print everything you require on these glossy cards.These glossy cards give the look a premium appearance. We sell this card printing on a wholesale basis.


Mate PVC card

We're making mate cards. All of our mate cards are of the highest quality. We print your company's logo and branding on a variety of things. These mate cards have a high-end appearance.


We making PVC cards are of the highest quality. These PVC cards are an excellent way to promote your business. We print your company's logo and branding on a variety of things. We sell these PVC cards on a wholesale basis.

Paper Bags Printing

Paper bags are frequently used as packaging of various consumer items. Our business provides printing on paper bags. This paper bag may help you market your organization. We create the designs you require. We sell this bag printing on a wholesale basis.

Shopping Bags Printing

A shopping bag is a paper or plastic bag supplied by a store to a customer for carrying away purchases. Reusable shopping bags are more eco-friendly than plastic. We are customized paper bag to make size and color you mention.

Kraft Bags Printing

This Kraft bag may help you market your brand, whether it is little or huge. These Kraft packs may aid you in a variety of ways. We create the designs you require. This Kraft bag printing is available in bulk quantities from us.

Non-Wooven Bags Printing

Our organization prints on non-woven bags. These non-woven bags can assist you in a variety of ways. We produce and print a wide range of non-woven bags. This Non-wooven bag printing is available in bulk quantities from us.


Tote Bags Printing

Tote bags are printed with our company's logo. This Tote bag may help you market your brand, whether it is little or huge. These Tote bags may benefit you in a variety of ways. This Tote bag printing is available in bulk quantities from us.

Custom Bags Printing

We are able to create customized paper bags for you. You can choose your bag style, size and also handle of the bags. We also provide best printing service. We can print single color, multi color and we can do gold and silver foiling on the bags

Satin Lanyard

Our Satin Lanyard is a simple and stylish way to carry your ID. It's both trendy to use and lovely to see. We manufacture lanyards in three size: 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm. Lanyards with a variety of styles and designs are one of the many products we provide.

Polyester Lanyard

We apply sublimation technology. On these polyester lanyards, we print your corporate logo, as well as your choice images and text. Polyester embroidery is also handled by our organization. We have 2 cm lanyard.

Lanyard Rolls

This Lanyard Rolls may be used as a decorative item for a variety of situations. We use satin lanyard roll to printing available in variety of colors. On these Lanyard Rolls, we print everything you need. We are selling this Lanyard Rolls Printing at a wholesale.

Lanyard Accessories

We have a lot of accessories for the lanyard. You can choose multiple accessories to attach to lanyard. we have metal hook, crocodile hook, oval hook, safety buckles, safety breakaway, mobile strap, reel badge.



Printing Machines


UV Printing

This UV printing has been used in a variety of products. We provide UV printing in a range of colors, as well as high-quality, low-cost, and long-lasting work. Everyone is astounded by the high quality and brightness of everything we print.


Silk Scren Printing

Our company specializes in silk screen printing. We have done silk screen printing in a variety of patterns and models. T-shirts, garments, apparel, sports wear, automobile sunshade, metal plate, cotton bag, satin ribbon, abaya cover, lanyard, pvc sticker label, advertisement, and other items are available for silk screen printing.


Sublimation Printing

Our company makes us the greatest sublimation printing company. We provide these printing services in a variety of styles. We print sublimation printing on flags, t-shirts, mugs, scarves, lanyards, fabric, advertising materials, and fashion businesses, among other things. We use cutting-edge technology for sublimation printing.


Digital Printing

Our organization has been conducting digital printing. This printing will last for several days on all of the things we print. These digital printing services are available in a number of colors. We provide complete digital printing on roll up and pop up banners. We promise that anything we print will last a long time and will provide excellent customer service.

Gulf printing press offer you unparallel services in the field of corporate gift and promotions products is:

The area we concentrate in gift and promotional items branding is:

Qasar Al Murjan organization has been manufacturing and supplying customized gift and promotional items along with high quality special printing services since its past 20 years in Sharjah, Dubai UAE. We provide eventual print your ideas and impress your creativity in the products and brand as per requirements. We print on a variety of product and materials with special ink, texture and graphics in UAE. To the happiness of our consumers, everything we print is of high quality and reasonably priced with faster production too.

Qasar Al Murjan gift and promotional printing company is specialized in lanyard manufacturing and printing, card printing, flatbed large UV print, pad print, round print, laser mark, laser cut, laser engrave, wristband printing, screen printing, digital and direct uv printing, id card printing, balloon printing, sublimation printing, laser mark on metal and all gift and promotional items which all things we do in our own factory without depending second or sub suppliers.

We are also making art work design for you and get approval before start any mass print production. We are a reputable printing company having proven track record in UAE is 20 years plus. We satisfy to your specific requirements. We will print and ship the product you want with a fewer working day all over UAE and middle east, africa

why people chooose us ?

We have 20+ years experience in this business

Qasar Al Murjan, founded in early 2000, has grown to become one of the UAE's leading promotional product suppliers and printing solutions providers. Over the years, our services have expanded beyond high-quality printing to include digital printing, UV printing, screen printing, and heat transfer printing.


Our organization continues to operate six days a week. We have made arrangements for you to place your order at any time. We will continue to serve for customer support.


Our organization manufactures a wide range of high-quality products at low-cost. The materials used to make our products are looks like a premium products.


We will make a sample product you have chosen within an hour, after that you can confirm order it if you are satisfied.


At your request, our company will deliver any type of order to you. Your order will be delivered within 3-4 working days at the most.

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